As of 01/01/09 SPC adopted the Freedom Information Act.


Parishioners will be entitled to view Parish records such as Minutes of Meetings, Financial Records, Planning Applications and Correspondence on this website by clicking on appropriate year to the left of this page.

Paper copies can also be obtained. The fee for obtaining these will be 20 pence per copy.

If you need any information please contact:
Parish Clerk, Jo Beaumont,
Church Cottage,
Owl Street Lane.
T: 01460 258027    

The Parish Clerk holds the Parish Records.

The Councillors as of 2019/20

  Rosie Gallagher - Chair
Brian Faulkner - Vice Chair
Jo Beaumont - Clerk

Allison Corr
Rob Rainbow
Fiona Day
Paul Stewart
Julie Roberts

 Rob Rainbow

Paul Stewart








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