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Home Up Christmas 2020

2020, was a year like no other year. Perhaps one of the worst in history. I guess there are some other contenders for the worst year ever. In 1918, the final year of the first world war, the ‘Spanish Flu’ wiped out an estimated 100 million people around the world.

 In 536, a volcanic eruption in Iceland threw up so much ash that much of the world was enveloped in a sun-blocking fog. The darkness lasted for 18 months. Temperatures plummeted, crops failed and famine was widespread. As if that weren’t enough, bubonic plague made an appearance and eventually wiped out between 25 to 50 percent of the Roman Empire's population.

In 1939, we again found ourselves in a World War, one that was to last five long years.

But back to Stocklinch 2020. Most years Stocklinch arranges many events to amuse the residents and raise funds for our three main organisations - Village Hall, The Friends (of the Church) and the PCC. Owing to the governments two lock-downs and the associated Level 1-4 restrictions, none of these normal events were permitted. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Stocklinch Pantomime that has been staged every year as long as anyone can remember… but not in 2020.

However, the PCC asked for twenty four residents if they would prepare a ‘window’ in their homes for a virtual Advent Calendar. So, why not click on Christmas 2020 and view some of these…


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