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Stocklinch History Group

About SHG

The SHG is a new (formed in 2019), small, voluntary and informal group with shared interests.


 SHG members: l to r: Wendy, Jo, Colin, Cris, Russ, Caitlin

Aims and Objectives – to:

Our Priorities and projects

As a group of amateur but enthusiastic members we have decided not to ‘bite off more than we can chew’ and to initially focus on the following ‘priority projects’:

  1. To learn the basics needed to preserve existing and future material by seeking advice from the Somerset Heritage Centre, history groups and other sources.
  2. Catalogue and preserve historical documents and photographs stored in the village hall (with the agreement of the Stocklinch Village Hall Committee) – as community assets.
  3. As a contribution to the proud status of Stocklinch as one of very few ‘Doubly Thankful Villages’ in the UK (i.e. all parishioners who served in the armed forces during WW1 and WW2 returned safely), to research and compile a life story of each of the individuals and place them in a file in St Mary Magdalene Church so that it is available to all.
  4. In addition to the PCC, research and create records of all graves and monumental inscriptions in our two grave yards and churches.
  5. Endeavour to ensure our existence and work are known about by parishioners and to invite contributions (knowledge and documents etc.) towards achieving our aims and objectives by, for example, creating a presence on the village website and noticeboard and providing periodical updates on what we are doing and how we are progressing.

How can you assist/get involved?

By contacting us (see below) to either:

Contact us

We regret that we aren’t, at present, able to conduct research for others   because we are very new, and intend to focus on our ‘priority projects’– not least so that, in the future, we will have information/material we can share.

However, any contact from someone who can assist our efforts in line with our priority projects (outlined above) is invited to contact Jo Beaumont (member), by email or phone to:


 Private C Bailey                Private A V Baker +        Major P H Bancroft          

 Private P J Dinham           Private J England            Private H H H Faulkner

 Private R Faulkner +         Private P Freestone         Engineer E G Gummer   

 Private E R Gummer          Private W M Gummer      Gunner E Hext +

 Corporal J Hext                Sapper A Lenten             Private E Palterman +

 Private H Parsons              Private H Priddle            Sapper J C Riches

 Gunner V H J Woodland +

 + = wounded


              Reg Faulkner (WW1)                                               WW2 Roll of Service in St Mary Magdalene Church

         (courtesy of the Faulkner family)


         Private Maurice Dinham           L/cpl Wallace Dinham

         Private John England               Private Marjory England

         A B Maurice G Male                 Private Cecil Newis

         Private Charles Newis              Private Fredrick Newis

‘Tiz oll accordin’

‘Tiz oll accordin’ is a fabulous book written and illustrated by former Stocklinch resident and historian, the late Connie M. Crosland. Published in 1996, over73 illustrated pages, it gives an authoritative historical narrative of the parish, providing glimpses of everyday life over the previous five hundred years.  Numerous images of local people, buildings – including detailed sketches – are featured throughout. It is a terrific resource for anyone with an interest in our quiet but beautiful parish in the heart of Somerset. A copy can be purchased from the SHG for £5.00 (contact Jo Beaumont – details herein).


View down Stoney Lane (undated)



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